Art and Design Process


Design Process

Throws, pillows, bell pulls, table runners, wall hangings - Tapestry items and design choices are endless. The customer selects the item and decides what will be on it. Together we create a variety of possibilities through art and design. All final designs are finished to the customer's satisfaction.

Photographs/Materials may be preferable.  Logos, text, or crests can also be used with a client's written permission. Just think of the possibilities that can commemorate an anniversary, holiday, event, church, school, company, or community. Your conception coupled with our artists and looms bring your ideas to reality. The end product is a wonderful custom designed, useful gift, fundraising idea, or promotional item.

  • From the time we start your project until you receive the shipment will take about 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Once an organization, school, church, or business decides it is committed to the creation of a tapestry, a deposit is paid to Creations for Generations, Inc.  For orders of 35 or more this fee will be credited to the cost of the final order.
  • The type of tapestry must be selected as this will become part of the total paperwork required.
  • Creations for Generations will send the required paperwork.
  • You or your committee gathers pictures, symbols, names, suggestions for types of borders, drawings, maps, photographs, or anything that can be scanned. If there are black and white photos, these can be colorized.  However, it is helpful to make close-up photos of the colors of bricks, etc., so the art department knows the correct colors. Generally, the artists can also remove unwanted parts of the picture, i.e., electric lines, trash, vehicles, etc.
  • All materials are mailed or emailed to Creations for Generations, Inc.
  • The art department will work with the collected materials to create possible tapestries.
  • The customer must be totally happy with the art department's rendering(s) before the project is accepted, and the paperwork is completed. There is a form which states that absolutely all spelling, symbols, photos, etc. are correct. This requires a contact person's signature.
  • It is helpful if the contact person has a computer and can accept our email and drawings. If not, the drawings will be produced and mailed to the designated contact person.
  • Once the art department gets the "go ahead" and paperwork, the looming begins.
  • The group will receive one sample. It is possible to receive a few more if the group wishes to set up a display in various locations.
  • There are many ways to market the product(s). We generally make some suggestions to our customers; however, most groups have a plan of their own.
  • If you are taking pre-orders, sales typically last from 1-3 weeks in order to meet or exceed minimum order requirements.
  • Once we know the total sale number, final paperwork is submitted to the weavers.
  • The tapestries are then shipped directly to the contact person for distribution. That person is solely responsible for the security and distribution to the people who have paid for their tapestries.
  • Note: Shipments can be made to several locations. Example: Fifty are needed in Chicago, 25 are to go to Los Angeles, and 25 go to San Antonio. Each location must have a contact person who will be responsible for the acceptance and distribution of the products.  The customer is responsible for shipping costs.
  • Since original designs are kept on file, repeat orders require only a quantity of 35.
  • Because mill orders can vary by 10 percent (more or less), the customer is responsible for any additional cost per item.